How Quilting and Yoga are Similar

We all have days where everything goes right and others where everything goes wrong


In yoga our teachers talk about how our practice is not linear nor will we see improvement all the time. There are times where we are sore maybe from our practice the day before or even from sleeping wrong. We wake up and our hips are tight or we are stiff. We can go to class and stretch but will find there is still no give. We may just need an environment where we can allow anger or stress to flow out and the positive to flow in. One summer during a challenge at my studio I wore myself out trying to get all my classes in so I could complete the challenge. My practice suffered and since I have spaced my classes out to avoid burnout as much as possible.

I love my studio.


As we sit at our machine ready to sew we may find error after error in our work. Sometimes our seam ripper spends more time reverse sewing our work then we spend moving forward. When I retired I spent days, weeks, and months trying to catch-up on my UFO’s (unfinished objects). I burned myself out and couldn’t stand the sight of my sewing room for 3 months into 2019.

We are all prone to overwhelming and overworking our mind and our bodies.  It is our responsibility to recognize it and stop.  It is okay to have a day where you do nothing.  It is okay to say no for your own mental health.  Know your limitations and work within them, but also press your boundaries to see if you can expand your limits without burnout.

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