Bullet Journal

I was on retreat in 2018 and speaking to my new friends about why I knew exactly how many projects I had. I knew every stage of every project because of a planner that I had purchased. I didn’t really use the rest of that planner, but I loved the project list. Another quilter introduced me to Bullet Journaling. It can be a pretty amazing tool because it is adaptable to anything.

I don’t typically do the monthly spreads as I use my iCal for all my important dates. I do use mine as a mind dump, goal planning , keeping notes, todo list, and drawing quilt design ideas. Karen Brown at Just Get it Done Quilts had some other great suggestions for using your journal for your craft.

I took Karen’s suggestions and then decided my quilting really needed its own journal. I searched WordPress for other Bullet Journal ideas and found The Little BookOwl does a great job explaining Bullet journaling and also found there were a couple pages I didn’t have that I needed to add.

2020 Bullet Journal

One of my pages from my quilting journal

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