Nothing But Time

Almost all of us have it now. Time to

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Organize our fabric stash
  • Reading those books that have been piling up
  • Clean
  • Learn something new

How are you spending your extra time? We have been scrubbing base boards and pulling dust bunnies out of corners. Unfortunately, I do have items to donate, but we won’t be able to do that until life becomes a little more normal.

Those that are ahead of the curve have advised us not to focus on the number or the news. I do allow myself a half an hour a day to educate myself on the latest updates so I am not caught off guard should a new regulation come about. If I start to feel to negative I go for a walk or do some yoga.

As a quilter I have also been making masks. I have made so many masks with frustration that I am taking a break for a few days. Tomorrow I am planning on pulling out my entire stash and figuring out what I will really make, what might need to be donated, and what can be made into masks. I will also find time to work on my Grunge contest quilt. For me it’s important to move forward each day.

During this break from society we have had challenges as life continues on whether or not we are staying at home or living it. Losing the Sleepy Beagle and running back and forth to our vet was our first bump in the road.

Last week we were notified that refinancing our lease was not considered essential work and that department was closed and our lease was up April 4th. However, buying a new car and receiving new financing was essential. Off to the car dealership we had to go. Masks on to protect them from us. It was an interesting experience staying 6 feet apart and not having to negotiate a price. Everything was sterilized as we went and paperwork was signed across a massive conference table.

The Sleepy Beagle has returned home and we are settling into our new normal with Trevor, our other dog. I hope everyone is finding their new normal. Y’all stay safe.

Trevor hugging his pillow
Shopping for a car

In Memoriam of the Sleepy Beagle

Quarantine and Senior Pets

Today should be a flashback Friday post, however it is a sad day in our household. Everyone has always said you will know when it’s time. Anyone who has dealt with an aging animal knows the dread of going to the veterinarian’s office. You question yourself “are you making the right decision?” Should you do what they are recommending or is it time?

There were plenty of times in the past when we rushed the Sleepy Beagle (Dory) to the veterinarian’s office and every one had a good laugh at my expense because it was a typical thing or had been there and I just never noticed. Don’t get me wrong my veterinarian always erred on the side of caution. Dory had many things over the years wrong, but they were always small annoying things. For example, she a thyroid issue. Not expensive to care for but had to be monitored and medicated for.

A few years back Dory developed arthritis and had to have several rounds of steroids and antibiotics. This lead her to develop pancreatitis. This condition was eventually controlled through diet and we never had an issue again. We were fortunate sometimes this condition is deadly.

In February she developed an upper respiratory infection due to complications from her allergies. She was placed on several medications to help clear up the infection for a month. Several tests were run and we thought the worst was coming. Unfortunately this lead to a flare up of her pancreas.

The Longest Drive I have Ever Made

I have mentioned before I have lost loved ones . I was not prepared for losing the Sleepy Beagle. This morning she seemed better, but as the day went on we could tell this was it. Unfortunately, good vet care is like finding the right doctor for your family and our veterinarian is not only 30-45 minutes away, but also in another county. During the quarantine each county in our area has their own rules for shelter-in-place because our state is so big. Fortunately, our veterinarian is considered essential, but the CDC and the veterinarian governing body have guidelines for the current state of things. We had to wait in the car while they evaluated her today. We were blessed that our veterinarian had a plan so we could say our final goodbyes.

She is running free in the big heaven dog park. We will continue to tell stories in the future and our blog will remain under the Sleepy Beagle banner in her honor.

Trying to Stay Positive in this Unusual Time

We all worry. I believe it’s human nature for us to worry. Jenny Doan at Missouri Star once said

“I release the events of the previous days. I take a deep breath and let go of what has passed. I clear my spirit and breath in new light. This light fills me with warmth and love. I am renewed and fulfilled. Tomorrow I start refreshed.”

In these uncertain times with people not knowing what will happen next we can all only control what is happening in the moment and how we react to it. Fortunately, my yoga studio has found a way to stay connected to our community. They are offering a daily schedule with classes spaced out to accommodate people who prefer morning classes, lunch classes, and eveningclasses.

By attempting to walk my dogs before the beginning of my practice I have found they typically stay away. However, today they were both curious and my oldest even took a nap on my husband’s mat.

I know times are scary and tough for everyone right now, but this too will end. Try to keep your chin up, but know it’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel angry. It’s also okay to be scared. If you can stay home. Stop the spread so we can all return to whatever the new normal will be.

Trevor likes Hot Yoga.
The Sleepy Beagle doesn’t care its time for Locust she is sleeping.


The other night I was finishing my Quilter’s Dream Block of the Month and chose my own layout. It didn’t workout and I had to rip the top apart and take out some of the sashing. I really didn’t want to rip anything out and it caused me to stay away from my sewing machine for few days.

When you do a block of the month the quilt shop typically picks your fabric. I am not a big fan of Civil War Reproduction fabric, but I really like the first block so I signed up. Today during my scheduled quilting time I finally finished the top. I really like the result and glad I took the time to rip out what I didn’t like. I typically agree with the sew-lebrities and say “Finished is better than Perfect “ this really needed a rework.

Top Done

I always say if you have to ask someone else’s opinion you already know the answer. I did ask for opinions from my retreat friends and we all agreed it looked unbalanced.

My Meme I created with the Meme app

Tool Tuesday


I read several recommendations. I read reviews. Honestly Adobe Illustrator or Quilt cad per reviews may be better. However, quilt Cad requires windows- go figure. CAD by its nature is a Mac thing. Adobe now requires a subscription.

On Valentines my loving husband bought me EQ8. As part of my social isolation I have been learning to use my software. I love it. I just drew out my Grunge 2020 design. We are an Apple family. EQ8 is working great with my Apple and this afternoon when I had trouble IT was ready to help in 2 minutes.

I am not associated with EQ8 and will receive any benefit if you check them out, but you should. Today 30% off. No worries if you miss it. They offer it often just sign up for their newsletter and you will know when they offer 30% off.

How are you Spending your Time?

I realized I have been sitting in front of the television and going to bed late. I have been wasting a lot of time doing a lot of nothing. I feel like I just started being a stay at home wife all over again.

In my defense I have had a sick sleepy beagle, too. She is on the mend.

Demanding my dinner which she can’t have

I have decided that I will stay at home as much as possible. When I do go out I will try to observe as much distance as possible. Today I decided no more sitting and doing nothing. I spent the day getting my house back into shape and setting up a schedule for staying busy and off social media as much as possible.

We will get through this. We will persevere. We will rise again. Now stay home if you can so this gets over quickly. Keep your kids home too. No play dates or going out. I have told my neighbors come over sit at the end of my driveway, bring your own snacks, and drinks we can chat. Several thing you can do as a family or by yourself. You can go for nature walks, run, craft, clean, FaceTime, video chat and so many other things. Let’s kick this virus to the curb.

My schedule and workout room below. Also there are lots of free offers right now for exercise, school, zoo tours, museum tours now go have fun and be socially distant.

Workout Room at hOn my way! is ready
Alarms are ready

The Elephant in the Room

Social Distancing

Currently we are all being encouraged to socially distant ourselves due to the current pandemic. In speaking with my father tonight I told him I have vague memories of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I mostly remember because when it first became a problem you could get it from a blood transfusion and so that was discussed in school, and was a part of sex education, but I was young.

I also have vague recollections of the H1N1 pandemic. Mostly it wasn’t effecting my life and I wasn’t allowed to get the vaccine because I wasn’t high risk so life went on.

More Prevalent

The misinformation, panic, fear mongering, and National Emergency have definitely made this pandemic real. We were on a cruise ship when the second ship was quarantined. The TP crisis hit while we were still at sea.

Since our return we have cautiously distanced ourselves because we had been on a cruise ship. When the National Emergency was declared we were some what prepared. We had taken stock of what we needed for our fridge and pantry and joined the crazy lines the night before. We could see some of the items people would need running low. We bought what we needed and went home.

Allergy Season

There is never a good time for a pandemic, but one that is respiratory in nature makes people panic even though it’s allergies. I have severe seasonal allergies so you can imagine when I have to go in public the looks I get. My doctor assures me it is my allergies.

What to do Now

Since we have already done some social distancing I feel like it is time for a schedule. I have spent a week binge watching my favorite crime shows, Supernatural, and all my YouTube quilty friends. Now it’s time to get down to business.

  • Learn EQ8
  • Finalize my Designs for my Competitions
  • Get some quilt tops done
  • Bind a quilt that just needs binding
  • Quilt a quilt that needs to be finished
  • I also sorted some DVDS I no longer watch. They are sanitized and wrapped; ready for neighbors who are bored to porch pickup tomorrow.

I am sure for those of us who don’t mind social distancing it will be hard to return to the real world in a few weeks. Fortunately, I have quilt friends and my yoga tribe to help me be less distant when appropriate.

How are you dealing?

Hang in there! We are all in this together!

The Sleepy Beagle says smile

Learning to Design

I use my bullet journal for designing. I love the dot grids more than the graph paper. I am working on two contest quilts right now and hope to have them assembled by the end of the month.

I typically start with a block idea and draw out how I think the block should look. Then I try to lay out the quilt and decide what size to use for my blocks. Before I prewash or starch I try to decide on how much fabric I need so I write out the cutting sizes and try to determine or much fabric I will need.

This worked great for my Moda Grunge quilt. As I was writing out my Tula Homemade directions I found a pretty big error and right now I am a little stumped on what to do for the design. I have an alternating A block B block 12 inch design. I could do the B block and move on, but Tula as a designer is a little unique and I was shooting for that. I was also trying to use as much of the line as possible.

I know inspiration will strike as I poke at it. I thought for sure I had the design right. Back to the drawing board on this one. Look for further updates.

I love also using my journal because sometimes it just needs to get put down on paper.

A design that might be

Working Out and Social Media

Workout Selfies

I am a “I finished my workout” selfie queen. Recently one of my in real life friends made a comment about how she was glad I had quit posting so many selfies. The group I was with all kind of looked at each other because I hadn’t quit posting them and the other people around me were kind of like what is she talking about.

Remember you Decide. I laughed and said did you unfollow me? Did you unfriend me? If you aren’t seeing my selfie’s it’s not because I quit posting them it’s because I didn’t go or I am not in your feed. I further told her my feelings weren’t hurt because I post the pictures to inspire others.

Why did I start Posting Selfie’s

As a requirement of some groups I belonged to I had to post selfies to participate in drawings. I won a lot of free stuff like cross fit shoes and my instant pot.

Something else happened though as a result I had friends and family message me and say because of you:

  • I went for a walk today
  • You inspired me to start a workout plan
  • I smile today

I told her if my selfie’s bothered her it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she unfriended me or unfollowed me. It’s my page and I decide what I am going to post. Remember you decide. Your page your content your rules.

Don’t let others define how you feel about yourself. I am not going to lie it feels good when people notice your progress. When someone you haven’t seen in awhile says you look like you lost weight. Don’t let the people who don’t want to see your workout selfie’s bring you down.

Today’s post workout picture because the sun was shining and I love this cup.

Tool Tuesday

3 Ring Binders and Sheet Protectors

This is a bit of an odd one, but bear with me. I absolutely love my 3 ring binders and sheet protectors.


  • They can hold almost any pattern since most patterns are printed on 81/2 x 11 paper.
  • When you do online quilt alongs the printed blocks fit in the sleeves easily
  • You can have the spine cut off most books and they fit nicely into your sleeves
  • The versatility of being able to move everything around is great
  • Easy to find your pattern pages
  • You can write on the sheets with a dry erase marker
I was preparing notebooks today.

I buy in bulk at Sam’s club my sheet protectors and 1” binders. They sit really well on my iPad holder on my cutting table. I got away from using my notebooks and found I was losing pages to my patterns while working. I would lose directions under my fabric on another table. I just pick up my binder and move it around.

Cutting Directions ready and waiting
One of my books with the spine removed
Pages from inside my book

Most office supply stores can cut a spine off your book. In my picture I show a pattern per binder, but when a pattern is only a few pages you can put multiple patterns in one book. They make post-it tabs you can attach to the sheet protectors to label your patterns.

Post-It Tabs
Write notes that can later be erased.
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